Dongfu Jiang (姜东甫)

University of Waterloo; Vector Institute;


350 Columbia St. West

Waterloo, Ontario

I’m a first-year CS Ph.D. student at University of Waterloo, advised by Wenhu Chen. I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science at Zhejiang University, where I was fortunate to work closely with Prof. Zhao Zhou. I was a research intern at USC INK-Lab, advised by Prof. Xiang Ren and (Bill)Yuchen Lin.

I’m interested in Natural Language Processing, especially Commonsense Reasoning, Text generation, and AI research involved LLM.


Nov 29, 2023 We release the challenching benchmark Description of the image MMMU for evaluating multi-modal models!
Oct 4, 2023 Check my first work at UW: 🐯TIGERScore!
Sep 2, 2023 I arrived at University of Waterloo and started my Ph.D. journey!

selected publications


  1. MMMU: A Massive Multi-discipline Multimodal Understanding and Reasoning Benchmark for Expert AGI
    Xiang Yue, Yuansheng Ni, Kai Zhang, and 19 more authors
    In , 2023
  2. TIGERScore: Towards Building Explainable Metric for All Text Generation Tasks
    Dongfu Jiang, Yishan Li, Ge Zhang, and 3 more authors
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.00752, 2023
  3. LLM-Blender: Ensembling Large Language Models with Pairwise Ranking and Generative Fusion
    Dongfu Jiang, Xiang Ren, and Bill Yuchen Lin
    In ACL 2023, Jul 2023